American History As It Was Taught In 1899.

Over time we see things differently--especially how historical events are interpreted, revised, then reinterpreted. Sometimes revisionism is the result of newly discovered documents that were previously unknown by historians. At other times society changes and along with its viewpoint.

All of the articles are from the Story of the Great Republic, by H.A. Gueber, and published by Eclectic School Readings in 1899. The content has been organized into categories for easy access.


The leader of the Hawaiian Islands was Kalakaua, who ruled as he pleased. When he died his sister, Liliuokalani became Queen of the Hawaiian Islands (1891).


On the 26th of April, 1865, General Johnston surrendered the last large Confederate army to General Sherman, at Raleigh; and on the 10th of May, President Davis was caught in Georgia.


Sherman had gone steadily on, and had burned the rich stores and fine mills and factories of Atlanta.


There was one institution in our country which many people had long felt should be stopped. This was slavery.


Lincoln was tall and ungainly, but his homely face was so strong and kind that every one trusted him.


Several interesting things happened while Millard Fillmore was President.

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